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Top Cowl and Starter
General Information:

  • This model was painted all "Cloud White." In addition, Custom Deluxe models were produced with Chrome or Stainless Steel bands just above and below the wraparound cowl. These were available in all "Cloud White," and "Holiday Red" & "Cloud White." Other colors are possible as well.
  • Model & serial numbers were on the instruction plate riveted to the swivel bracket above and between the clamp screws.. Mark 78AE models are Short Shaft, Electric Starting with Alternator.
  • Mark 78AEL models are Long Shaft, Electric Start with Alternator.
  • Serial numbers range from 1194070 thru 1255439.
  • This model was also offered with a counter-rotating (right hand rotation propeller) gearcase intended to be used along with a standard engine in a dual engine installation.
  • These engines do not have a gearshift mechanism. They use a special remote control that provides the ability to start the engine in gear, either forward or backward. (called Direct Reversing.)