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Top Cowl and Starter
General Information:

  • This model is known to have been painted all "Cloud White" and "Canyon Copper" top with "Cloud White" lower unit. They were also made with the top cowl painted "Holiday Red" and "Bimini Blue".
  • Model & serial numbers were on the instruction plate riveted to the swivel bracket above and between the clamp screws.
  • Serial numbers 1203614 thru 1204625 and 1234000 area thru 1238589 are 1959 models.
  • A group of engines with serial numbers 1204626 thru the 1208000 area were Mark 28 AD models which were equipped with shock absorbers and an ignition safety tilt switch.
  • These engines, while technically interesting, have an unusual transmission design that makes them complicated and challenging to service.